Let’s Write A Note

When was the last time you took the time to sit down and write a note?

NOT EMAIL! You actually picked out a card or some stationary you love, found your favorite pen and sat down to pen a note to someone you care about or haven’t talked to for a long time?

It seems so simple but yet we don’t do it. We don’t take the time to write a note anymore. If it’s not the time factor, sometimes we just don’t know what to say or even how to start.

Writing more notes, letters, and Thank You cards has been on my New Years resolution list every year for about 10 years now. I never do it!

I have two friends who every once in a while send me a little handwritten note (Darla and Suzy) and it’s always the highlight of my day when I see that envelope in my mailbox with their handwriting.  My Mom is so good about sending cards too. Mom has everyone’s birthday, anniversary and special dates written down in her little address book that she’s had for years. She knows when the cards and notes need to be sent and the addresses are all right there. She’s not digging through past Christmas cards looking for addresses.

As I was standing in the kitchen at my Mom’s house one day drying dishes, I noticed that address book and thought “I suck! I don’t even own an address book! I need to make some changes!”

I was telling my friend Suzanne about this AH-HA moment I had and she said

“Let me introduce you to The Letter Farmer!”

letter farmer 1

The Letter Farmer believes (and I totally agree with her) ………..
Sharing the narrative of our life through pen and paper as they meet and the nuances of our handwriting, paper selection and an envelope is addressed, stamped and mailed is priceless and timeless. Letters can be reread over and over, giving us the opportunity to have voices of our past speak again. Holding and touching something that someone who is either no longer with us or geographically far a way is a way that we can feel physical connection with that person.

Who is The Letter Farmer you ask?…………

Letter Farmer 1234

The Letter Farmer provides a convenient opportunity for people to enrich and deepen their connections through hand written letters. At a Letter Farmer event, you’ll choose from a curated selection of fine writing paper and greeting cards, select a writing instrument (maybe a glass dipping pen?), sit down with other letter writers and create your masterpiece. When you are ready, we’ll have stamps and a place to mail your post… all right here! We even have prompt cards to help you get started or to give you some inspiration to get the words flowing.

Come Write A Note

Join Rachel, The Letter Farmer at Bottorff’s on Thursday May 4th for an evening of writing. We’ll have tables set up for writing and lots of Mother’s Day, Thank You, Thinking of you, Sympathy, Father’s Day, Bridal cards or …… whatever you might need to sit down and pen a note!

Rachel will share some tips and offer information to help inspire you if you need it.  Write a special note for Mother’s Day.
Come sit, write, stamp and mail!

LEtter farmer 123

Pictures from one of The Letter Farmer writing events.


AND…………. on this Thursday

The Snohomish Farmers Market Opens at 3pm! Come make a day of it!

farmers market flowers

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